About Us
All That Glitters Then

An iconic landmark of Clifton, Virginia for over two decades, All That Glitters has established itself as a go-to store for jewelry and accessories in the area. Offering small town charm, coupled with a vast collection of well-known designers, this boutique was initially the brainchild of Martha Mikeska. Opening in Texas in the early 1980’s, All That Glitters quickly called Clifton, Virginia home once Martha’s husband; Col. Mikeska was stationed to the Pentagon.

All That Glitters Now

Alexandra Soper of All That GlittersAlexandra Soper began working at All That Glitters in 2005, and quickly demonstrated her knowledge of the brands, eventually earning her increased responsibilities. Starting off in a management position, Alexandra showed a keen interest in fashion from a young age and quickly rose to a buying position within the store, eventually assisting Martha in the day-to-day operation.

Taking sole ownership of the iconic store in 2011, Alexandra was certainly no stranger to the boutique. Having grown up in Clifton, Alexandra was familiar with the historic charm of the town, and many of the locals who made up the loyal clientele of the store.

Alexandra brings a fresh style to the store, while maintaining the brands that have allow the store to grow in the past. Featuring a new location, updated displays, and a new logo –the little girl from Clifton, Virginia who always wished of having a store just like All That Glitters, finally made her dream come true.